We are a guide to sexual health for men in the UK so if you are wanting to maintain a great health sexually then read on.

So this covers all kinds of sexual health such as avoiding infections and keeping safe, and then also tips on how to improve your sexual performance.

A healthy sex life brings many benefits to your physical and mental well-being, bringing you closer to your partner while being generally a great experience that leaves you feeling much better. However, it is important to understand some of the risks associated with sex and the various issues that can often impact men with an active sex life, both physical and psychological.

In doing so, you can better maintain good sexual health, which brings many benefits of its own, including improved sexual performance, lasting longer in bed, and much more pleasurable experiences for everyone involved.

Check out our guide to men’s sexual health for everything that you need to know:

The More You Exercise the Better Your Sexual Performance

While sex itself is a great cardiovascular workout, don’t make this your only type of daily exercise if you want to maintain good sexual health. Regular cardio exercise significantly improves sexual performance, helping you to last longer during sex, making it immediately worthwhile!

Moreover, when exercising regularly you will see improvement to your physical and mental health, both of which translate positively into the bedroom. Looking and feeling great increases self-confidence, which is an incredibly attractive quality!

You Are What You Eat

Much like exercise, a good diet correlates to positive sexual health. Eating a healthy, balanced diet rich in nutrients and minerals ensures healthy reproductive systems, meaning healthier sperm, good blood flow, and increased hormones.

All of this combines into a healthier, happier man who will feel much better and energised. You’ll last longer, feel more energised, and likely enjoy a boosted sex drive – all things you want for positive sexual health.

After all, a good performance in the bedroom is all about strength, stamina, and endurance, which is why diet and exercise are so important! So, swap out the fatty and processed foods for more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water

Kegel Exercises are a Great Idea

Most guys probably think that Kegel exercises are exclusively for females but the truth is that men can also do this type of workout – and it will make your sex life all the better.

Kegel exercises help strengthen important muscles connected to the base of the penis, so by improving these muscles you can have more control over your sexual performance, mainly delaying ejaculation, meaning longer and more enjoyable sex.

The best way to try Kegel exercises is to squeeze the muscle that stops your urine mid-flow. Once you locate the muscle and how to contract it, try regularly tightening the muscle for a few moments before relaxing, repeating a few times each exercise.

Ditch the Smoking

Smoking is one of the worst things for male sexual health, causing damage to the blood vessels around the penis, making erectile dysfunction more likely. Basically, smoking makes it harder to achieve and maintain an erection, especially as you get older, so it’s definitely worth quitting to improve your sexual and general health.

Plus, the smell of cigarette smoke is not the most attractive thing in someone, while it may lead to infertility over the long-term, giving you all the incentive you need to ditch the cigarette.

Manage Stress Levels

Stress is a major cause of many male sexual problems, often being at the core of erectile dysfunction issues that plague countless men of varying ages. When you are too stressed to focus on anything else, getting an erection can be near impossible, so managing stress is always going to be a good thing for your sexual health.

It is not just the odd erection problem stress leads too though. Men can be left feeling exhausted and even anxious due to stress, lowering their sex drive, or leading to poor performance in the bedroom, which can further add to the stress and make the entire situation even more trying.

There are many stress managing methods you can try, such as meditation, yoga, exercise, eating better, or just enjoying a hobby to help you relax and unwind. Destressing doesn’t just improve your sexual health – you mental and physical health both benefit from this!

Get More Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is a common issue many men face during winter, when a lack of natural sunlight impacts the bodies hormonal balance, causing issues such as depression and anxiety. It’s also though that vitamin D deficiency could impact men’s sexual health, with links to erectile dysfunction and lowered sex drive.

So, if you are feeling the effects of a long winter, make sure to get outside more often to increase your vitamin D exposure, while supplements are also worth consideration for treatment during the winter.

Plus, if you’re out in the sun more often you will start to feel better and might get yourself a nice tan – which can increase confidence and your performance in the sheets!

Finding the Right Protection

You should always wear protection during sex to prevent the risk of transmitting an STD or unplanned pregnancy, yet many men don’t like to do this because it doesn’t feel natural or comfortable.

One reasons many guys find condoms uncomfortable is that because they are wearing the wrong one. There are many sizes, textures, and thicknesses available, any of which may be perfect for your needs. Condoms should fit like a glove – try going for ultra-thin if you want a more realistic feeling.

Remember, there are other forms of protection available, including a female condom that goes inside the vagina, so be sure to consider all options and find one that ensures you and your partner are fully protected against infections.

And as we are covering sex so much, we also cover adult dating so that you can find local women for sex if you would like to do that, and of course stay safe while doing so.

So these are the areas that we cover for adult dating: